Review of Tomb Raider


  • The transition of Lara from a shy student to a confident explorer is very convincing
  • The setting of the game is very real giving a glimpse of history
  • Thrilling fighting sequences with a lot of flexibility
  • Overcoming challenges looks pleasing because of the controls
  • There is a good variety in terms of tombs and relics inside the game


  • Multiplayer mode is average
  • Plot is common apart from Lara’s adventures

Lara Croft first burst on to the scene raiding tombs for the first time in 1996 and was popular over the web games news. She then provided us with a sense of discovery and an isolated journey of a woman. She has since then been exploring the unknown taking on the supernatural in her stride as the game has evolved into a third person shooter game. The plot of the game seems to have been inspired by the uncharted series and Nathan Drake who are the doyens of this genre. But you need not fret about the fact any longer as you go along with the adventures of Lara Croft in an amazing sequence of thrilling and exciting events that are sure to keep you regaled form the beginning till the end.

At the start, Lara is more of an academician than an explorer. But she has limited options when she finds herself shipwrecked on an island that has all the secrets and the enemies. It is a question of sheer survival. She suffers a lot in the beginning and the most unsavory of the moment is when she has to escape from the clutches of a man trying to force himself upon her. This event though makes Lara aware of how hard it is to ward off the enemies and to survive on this ancient island. She is seen emerging as a mentally and physically stronger person instead of giving in to her constant struggles on the island.