Apple iPhone 5 - Mixed reactions

All are embarrassed when having a short talk about the Apple’s new iPhone 5, is really iPhone 5 a big step to success, well, that’s what we would know at the end. Recently, Apple unveiled its new smartphone iPhone 5 after iPhone 4S with upgrades that are extremely vigorous at the top of its design. The iPhone 5 puzzles one because of its reduced weight and makes a mark with 4 inch screen and shines out with its competitors.

appleThe Apple iPhone 5 differentiate itself from its series with the larger and attractive screen. This phone gets 4-inch screen with Retina screen display and built with Apple’s A6 processor which when measured reveals the fact that this is 1.05 GHz dual core processor with 1GB RAM. With this A6 processor, the extreme gaming performance is achieved with maximum throughput and delivering excellence. This gets 1136x640 pixels display resolution that has been upgraded with better HD (16:9) support.

The dock connector of remarkable Apple series has been finally upgraded to lightning, thunderbolt connector from 30-pin dock connector used past 10 years. This runs on USB 2.0 and hence, same transfer rate as in other dock connectors and may be upgraded to 3.0 later. The 4G LTE is integrated into the chipset and hence provides unimaginable heights at data rates and quick response rate. It includes built-in WiFi capabilities.

The new iPhone paves a way to attractive display but ageing OS. It runs on iOS 6, which is the latest update that was too revealed at launch event of iPhone 5 but it does not differentiate more from its ancestor. The Apple Maps that was designed for apple users in this iOS, failed to provide the outcome and finally, Apple had apologized to the customers. This iOS drives the functionality with stunning graphics and tremendous performance as felt with previous versions, but no change in its UI.

Apple iPhone 5 is built with 8 MP rear facing camera, f/2.4 aperture with better image stabilization and supports 1080p HD Recording. The front facing camera is highly upgraded from VGA to 1.2MP HD unit capable of capturing 720p video. This front facing camera is highly utilized with FaceTime calls and VOIP calls (Skype).

The video playback in iPhone 5 is mind blowing and supports high definition videos. Images too can be shared with greater flexibility by integrating facebook and twitter in this iOS. It provides a personal digital assistant named Siri that extends from iPhone 4S, which would do whatever tasks the user pose it to do.

To conclude, iPhone 5 is a significant update from iPhone 4S in every aspect and to say, the ageing OS should face the slick of Android and Windows 8, that marches its way with newer technologies. At this moment, you would love Apple if you are new but to the evergreen users, it is the same iPhone delivered in a row.

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