Coolermaster ATC-710-SX2

It seems like us in the west get lumbered with the cases (eh Gordy?), so when the Coolermaster ATC 710-SX2 came up for review, who was I to say no?

Coolermaster are going utterly bonkers at the mo with new cases, so much so that it's hard to keep up. I'd barely even realised they'd released a new case before it hit my doormat. The 710 is the latest addition to their range which promises to be easy on the wallet.

Oh, the catch? I mean it's Coolermaster after all, surely? Well, (Brace yourself..Hnnnngh), it's STEEL! The humanity!! Surely not, are CM falling to the evil one? They'll be beige next.

That said, I shouldn't mock them, it's just a bit of a shock, however not one to be daunted I thought I'd be fair and take a look at the thing first. Hell, if you're going to buy a steel case, you'd want to buy a brand name wouldn't you?

A quick side note. It's not 100% Steel as we'll see in a moment, however some of the sites selling them out there (Including the big players, even one of CM's authorised resellers, naughty boys) are listing these under the Aluminium section which frankly is extremely misleading.

Please make sure you mention this to anyone thinking of buying one, moreso because the great value is going to make people spend first and ask questions later and I really hate something when it *doesn't* do what it says on the tin.