Cooler Master ATCS-600 and Via C3

When I was asked to review the Cooler Master ATCS 600 I was looking forward to a small desktop case with the build quality and light weight you come to expect from Cooler Master. Having seen the ATCS 210 with the blue acrylic door I was hoping that this case would be as good if not better, but a touch smaller.

The case comes in the standard Cooler Master card board box and is packed very well and it would be a miracle if arrived are your door damaged.

To get you started I will tell you the vital statistics:

Model: ATC-600-VX2 (fog verdant)
Material: All Aluminum & Acrylic
Drives: 5.25" x 2 (Exposed)
Drives: 3.5" x 2 (Hidden)
Slots: 4
Motherboard: Micro-ATX
I/O bracket: ATX
Power: Space for standard ATX powersupply (single fan only)
Cooling: 3x 60x15mm Fans
Front I/O: 2x USB and 1x IEEE 1394 (Firewire)
Wieght: 5Kg (without power supply)
Size: 476 mm(L) x 426 mm(W) x 145 mm(H)
What does this all mean, well, you will need an mATX or smaller motherboard. However this does mean that the overall size of the system is smaller, making it more suitable for putting next to your TV or where space is tight. You only get 2 5.25" bays which are located side by side and above these are the 3.5" bays which are hidden until you take the top off.

First impression are always the best, I don't like the green acrylic was my first thought. This case comes in a range of colours so picking one you like shouldn't be a problem. The second thought I had was that it didn't seem that small, I will show some pictures of it against my ATCS 201 later.

This model was the 'fog' version so the acrylic is slightly opaque, however the flash on my camera allows you to see more than you can under normal light. As you can see the 5.25" bays are located behind this acrylic.

Opening the door is simple, just push the top and it should click then slowly open up. The speed of this door could get annoying and if a drive decides to eject when the door is up there could be problems.