PcMods LCD Kit

"What?!" i hear you cry, "RTT doing a review!?"

Well yes, infact I am (and about time too!).

I was offered to review an LCD Kit, and like any sane-minded person, I accepted. The kit I have here is a complete LCD kit available from PCMods.com.

Serial Display Module - The LCD itself
Molex Spiltter
Ribbon cable - 11" long - 10pin
Modular cable - RJ11 - 6conductor - 7' Long
Serial Cable - 9pin D-Sub male - 6' Long
Velcro Pads for 'Serial Display Module'
The first impressions I got was the quality of the kit. Attention to detail must have been on PCMods.com's mind at all times when designing this LCD kit. Everything from the type of very fine threaded screws right down to the quality of the cables that the LCD unit uses is of a very high standard.

The LCD can be connected to the PC in one of two ways. You can either use a 10pin ribbon cable, or a serial cable to get data from the PC to the LCD itself.
This is the 10pin ribbon cable supplied. This connects directly to the motherboard. You will need a motherboard which has one of these 10pin connectors, otherwise Serial is your only option. The 10pin connectors are usually used to connect extra USB ports, but can run other things, such as this LCD.