Coolermaster HHC-001

The stats:

Fan Dimension 60 x 60 x 25 mm
Rated Speed 6800 RPM
Air Flow 36.11 CFM
Rated Voltage 12 VDC
Heat Sink Dimension 80 x 60 x 44 mm
It say it is rated up to 2.2 ghz on an Athlon XP and 1.8 ghz on a tbird

In the package you get a packet of thermal paste and there are some instructions on the back of the packet.

Here it is, it doesn’t look as beefy as the Swiftech I just looked at but it has got those heat pipes. I will explain these in a minute.

The fan has a pretty logo on the top, nice touch. Looks like a delta to me….. which means 38cfm and 46dB(A), just a bit louder than the Papst, but better performance.

Speed monitoring is included on this fan, it comes with a 3 pin connector to plug into your motherboard, however there have been some cases of blown motherboard fan headers with deltas. I can say that this fan didn’t blow my KT7a-Raid header nor did any of the other 60mm deltas I have tested.

The heatsink comprises of 26 fins that are attached to the base. As you can see the heatpipes bend up and goes all the way along the top.

Here is where the heatpipes go into the base, its not the smoothest of bases however I can say now it didn’t make much difference in performance with artic silver whether it was lapped or not.

The base has a better shine than the Swiftech.

The clip is relatively easy to use, a simple case of hooking in one end and pressing down on the lever with your thumb.

Removal of the heatsink it slightly harder if your case is a tight fit, I just about managed to get it off without incident with the PSU still in place.