Samsung Galaxy S III - Success again

The Smartphone launched by the technology giant Samsung resulted as the big hit of the year beating the likes of Apple’s iPhone 4S, HTC One X, and Nokia Lumia 900. It is none other than Samsung Galaxy S3. In this review it was named the phone of the year and follows the runaway success from Samsung Galaxy S2. The fully customized Smartphone runs on the platform Android 4.0.3, Ice Cream Sandwich and gets a 4.1 Jellybean update. With the powerful processing capability, Samsung Galaxy S3 is more reliable and constructive.

S3 is designed and powered with 4.8 inch display and it’s certainly big. It’s a slimy phone with glossy finish and more manageable than you ought to. The glossy finish more often looks like a bit plasticky, but it’s cool, shiny, and solid even with removable battery. The S3 gets the quad core processor which integrates all the graphical applications with quadcore processing GPU. The multi-tasking capability and refresh rates are tremendous with the quad core processor.


S3 is engineered with awesome features. It has NFC, Near Field Communication which provides the data sharing with contactless technology to other android compatible devices. There also lies Smart call, which dial’s a contact number when the phone is picked up to your ear. Smart Stay, an option which enhances the front-facing camera to periodically check the pair of eyes whether it is looking over or not, to turn the screen off and save power. The alternative to Siri, Voice assistant is S’ Voice present in S3, that would whatever you ask to. Would you really stay still, reading this article, rather I prefer not because this S3 is a great attraction and advancement in technology.

The rear facing camera is made of 8 MP sensor. It’s a decent sensor with 1080p HD support and captures high quality images. The LED flash support with the rear facing camera is an added value that delivers excellence in low lighting problems with better image stabilization. The front facing camera is made of 1.9 MP sensor and captures 720p resolution images. This camera is used for VOIP such as Skype calls and video chat. It gets a MicroSD slot and HDMI out, with which there is no optimization in terms of storage and capture your images at high-definition output.

There is a universal 3.5mm jack for the audio and it rocks the ear with music playback. S3 supports HD Video playback and fits the big screen as watching a movie on big LCD screens. The battery life is decent and lasts long a day if in a regular usage pattern and removable battery is a plus, by which you can carry a spare. To conclude, the Samsung Galaxy S3 wins the features and innovations against the rivals and thereby, it’s a feast to buy this product.