HTC One X - Attractive and remarkable

At this very moment, Android had hit its markets out the stretch and made itself demand with frequent update in OS, finally evolved as Jellybean (Android 4.1). Not all devices and gadgets suits well for the higher end OS and hence all industry’s top smartphones behold the latest OS with features to stand still with competitors. HTC had made its mark finally with its One series. HTC One X is the most popular higher end device that stands at addictive smartphone list, with attractive features and remarkable performance.

The screen of HTC One X is quite remarkable with 4.7 inch display. Its resolution is 312 pixels per inch and hence can be compared to that of iPhone 4S. HTC design is smoother with just 9mm thickness. It’s stylish and designed to comfort the users with polycarbonate body, the one used with Nokia Lumia. There is sealed battery in the One X and hence, it is rechargeable with the dock connectors. The layout of One X supports Micro-Sim and hence gets a tray at its corner.


The processor on which the HTC One X runs is NVIDIA’s Tegra quadcore processor. This delivers a fast refresh rate with promising performance. The graphical application shows the power of One X with quadcore GPU. The battery life in One X is said to last till 12 hours of good power usage. The platform supports 3G networks with LTE that achieves higher data rate and sudden response with HSPA+ radios.

As described here, this smartphone is meant as the first phone to market with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. HTC One X is overlaid with Sense skin. This phone provides the great audio quality with Beats. All the audio are preprocessed via Dr Dre Beats Audio Hardware and Software and therefore delivering excellent audio output. As per audio quality, I’m clear that you would shout aloud with the song for sure.

One X gets the 8MP rear facing camera with 1080p HD support and backside illuminated sensor. The LED flash support is the standout feature in this smartphone that would ignite the images to larger extent. The ImageSense is what camera feature is specified by HTC and it is more specific in terms of software processing but not more standard with image quality. It should improve its motion and blur during capture to ensure productivity.

Video playback in HTC One X is stutter-free and gaming experience is glitchless with quick response. The image resolution with tap to zoom capability makes a joyous ride in the larger display screen. The touchscreen response shows sensitivity with Teflon-smooth nature and the speed of the phone will surely knock you out.

To come up to the final note of the article, HTC One X is the handsome and powerful handset with versatility. With all features, you can feel the experience on the speedy device that captures your sight with its audio and gaming features. If you would love this size, sure this is the best smartphone around.