Thermalright CB-6L

Copper heatsinks are beggining to become the norm, thermalright is famous for its sk6 all copper cooler with around a square foot of surface area. But what have they got lined up next. Well the CB-6L is one of the products soon to enter the ever increasing heatsink market. However this heatsink is not all copper, it has a copper base soldered to an aluminium heatsink. We take a look at this heatsink and compare it with the ever so famous ThermoEngine. I would just like to say before we begin that this is a review that doesn't test the cooling and heat transfer rates with fancy equiptment. Lets see what all this copper base does to help this heatsink cool. Thermalright ship their heatsinks in a quality box, much nicer than all my other heatsink box's. I always feel that decent packaging gives the customer a better feeling about the product. Open her up and the heatsink is wraped in a small bit of foam, safe from all those knocks and bumps from shipping. Out of the box, I personally like the looks of this over my thermoengine. Notice the 3 holes in the top of the fan, I guess thats where you put lubricating oil as when I turned it on first time a small trickle of oil ran out of these holes. The fins on the heatsink are quite large, rather different to the sk6. The fan is also quite thin, just right for a quiet pc. This fan has a 3 pin connector to attatch to the cpu fan header on the motherboard. Turn her over and here we find the copper plate. The heatsink also comes with a thermal pad in the center, I removed this for my experiments so that there was no difference between the contact during each test. As you can see the copper base is quite rough, a quick go over with the sand paper should sort this out, I felt the need to lap this as I hear that the heatsink should be smoother by the time they reach the stores. The silver solder that holds the copper base on is rather radomly placed and on this cooler it had run down to one side, I'm not sure how this will affect cooling if it will at all but only time will tell. The clip must be my favorite part of this cooler, ignore the fact its got a copper base, or whether it cools well. When it comes to installing the heatsink I give this clip 10/10 for ease of use.