Swiftech MCXC370

Here are the stats:

Base dimensions: 2.5x2.5x.5" - 63.5x63.5x12.7mm
Base material: Copper C110
Base flatness: better than .001” - 25µ
Base micro surface finish: 8 or better
Heat dissipation medium: 188 Helicoid pins, made of high conductivity aluminum alloy 1100 (218 W/m-K)
Heatsink overall dimensions: 2.5x2.5x1.63" - 63.5x 63.5x41.4mm
Weight: 17 oz - 482 g
Included in the box is a detailed instruction sheet, thermal paste and some pads for Intel chips.

The fan is exactly the same size as the delta fan however the fan spins the opposite way round so the fins are slowed the other way.

It’s a Papst which is slightly quieter than the delta, rated at 33cfm compared to the 38cfm of the ever so popular delta. Which is equivalent to a 3 dB(A) drop down to 43dB(A). Doesn’t sound like much but it is noticeable.

The copper base has 188 pins protruding out of it, they call them Helicoid pins, which are supposed to cause turbulence in the air, increase the surface area and therefore increase the cooling performance.

The heatsink has a huge block of copper on the bottom, which is VERY well finished, it might not be all that shiny but it is very smooth and there is definitely no need for lapping.

The fan is powered via the PSU, just plug it into a spare 4 pin molex

The Clip design on the Swiftech is the best of the whole bunch, it uses all 3 lugs on each side of the socket, this makes the heatsink far more stable.

Installation is very simple, I took off the fan so I could get to the screws on the clip, then tighten up the screw. This moves the clips down so that you can put it on the socket. Once its in place you then need to slowly undo the screw on each side until the screw no longer holds the clip down. Its much easier to do than explain.