Titan Aluminium Fan

What is it : 80 mm case fan
Model No. : TFD-A8025H12C
Manufacturer : Titan
Supplier : PCmods
Cost : £11 from Kustom or $11.99 from PCmods
Availability : Now
Verdict : Very cool

Case fans serve two purposes. They help to keep the PC system components cool and some bestow aesthetic goodness to an otherwise dull case.

Ideally, they should move enough air to provide effective cooling without adding too much to the overall system noise. It also helps if the fan looks cool, especially to the modding fraternity. The new aluminium frame fans from Titan look to be ideal candidates. Let's take a look at the 80 mm version...

This is what you get: The fan, 4 mounting screws, all inside the box. One omission is the lack of finger guards. Personally I would like to see all case fans come with at least one guard and preferably two.

The fan connects to the standard motherboard 3 pin header and includes speed sensing. With a power rating of only 1.92W should be compatible with all motherboards without problem.

Features :

• Aluminium frame makes the fan more robust & improves heat reduction
• Shiny bright silver colour perfect appearance
• Electroplated fan can protect from EMI
• Electroplated fan improves heat transfer efficiency greatly and reduces the noise dramatically
• No dust amassed, because of silken surface, extends the fan life time

Dimensions :

I have to admit here that I had seen pictures of these fans and was not impressed by the looks. Opening the box and seeing the fans for real changed all that. These things are gorgeous and in the right setting will enhance the looks of any PC case.

The fan frame is solid aluminium which makes for a very rigid construction. The fan blades are plastic and with a metallic silver finish. The overall effect is of a very smart looking all metal fan.

The spider holding the rotor is plastic and is push clipped into the aluminium frame. This arrangement helps to dampen any vibration from the spinning fan and thus helps to keep any noise to a minimum.