AeroCool Hercules HSF from Chill-Tek

Ok, this time I'm going for it. We're talking MAJOR use of the word 'However' and phrase repetition, the continuing use of utterly GARISH background material (hey, beats the ironing board cover, right?) and some completely unscientific study. In fact, I just held the thing on my forehead and said 'Yup, feels pretty cold'. Ok, I'm kidding about the last bit, so enough waffling and back onto the plot.

I must admit that I've become a bit of a duffer with Heatsinks over the preceding months. Once processors had become so fast I didn't need to overclock (oo, I'll get flayed alive for that one) I just ended up using stock Heatsinks or, even worse, using ones which would just adequately keep the temperature somewhere that I didn't have to care about it.

It's amazing how good a Heatsink can be when you don't run Motherboard Monitor.

When the AeroCool Hercules from Chill-Tek arrived, I figured I really ought to see what kind of temperatures were going on with my chip. I had the good old Taisol CGK on there, a major contender I thought; it even has a copper centre. I loaded up MBM and the results below will speak for themselves… things were hot in here and I needed a better Heatsink.

So, with the fact that you could probably fry a full English breakfast on the inside of my case, let alone Trubadors Egg, it would do me good to get this puppy on and see if it helped.


The Hercules comes in a rather fetching plastic box which looks like some kind of canister. Mine was packed with foam packaging chips, but it looks like that was added later or others may not. Whilst it looks good, it may not stop it rattling around in there as it didn't feel to secure. A relatively secure clip holds them together.