AeroCool Thermal Speed Controller from Chill-Tek

Hot on the heels of the Hercules Heatsink is another product from AeroCool (and supplied once again by Chill-Tek) called the Thermal Speed Controller.

We all hate noise right? How long has the quest for silent, efficient cooling been going on? Ok, well until someone decided to pump water round their case; but at the end of the day, that's still the arena for the hardened cooler. For the rest of us, aircooling is the only way to go.

Obviously the problem with aircooling is that due to the higher temperatures found on modern day processors, you need not only a whopping Heatsink, but a whopping fan to get the air away from it as quickly as possible. That's all well and good and when you're pumping laser death into someone online, you don't want your PC to be overheating, so all that cooling is coming in handy. The real problem is when you're sitting here typing into word or just mindlessly surfing websites, your PC isn't being pushed and your idle temperatures are relatively low. That powerful fan just sits there screaming at the top of it's voice, 'DON'T PANIC CHRIS, I'M COOLING THIS SUCKER.. WHAT? YES, IT IS RATHER LOUD ISN'T IT?'.

So, you could build or buy a baybus. Ok, fair enough. However, most off the shelf baybus' are more expensive than the average user would be interested in and building one, whilst in the true spirit of modding, is still a pest.

Oh, you're STILL moaning, 'But I could just put a variable resistor inline and be done with it..'? Well what about some cool features like an alarm that tells you if the fan has packed in or a temperature sensor huh? Hah, not so smug now eh.. Go on, sit down and let me show you THIS.