First look Lian Li PC70

This case was kindly supplied by OCS, They were the first people in the UK to stock these a while back. I have had this case for some time but all products sent to us go in a queing system and then are weighted according to time needed for review. We also Have a APS2000 in the labs which I am awaiting a part on - you will definetly love that.

What you see here is Lian Li's Flagship model - All ALU and very very BIG!

My home office is very contempory - has wooden floor, pastel colours Alu blinds and so on - this is the way interior styling is goin at the moment. I always want the best looking stuff not some crappy plastic case - no offence guys but seriously I have moved away from BIG towers - Untill I saw this yes this is a humoungus beast and this case will be my next big project the b0rg will be forgotten!

Why do I need such a beast? Watercooling my friends! over the next few months you will see how we transform this MONSTER into an object of desire - even though it still is as standard. - Why didnt I choose a coolermaster? cause they aint got a big beasty in everyones price budget

In Part 1 im gonna take a different approach by

Here are the specs
Aluminum Alloy Construction
Standard and Extended ATX
6x 3.5" Internal Bays (Hard Disk) - yes I said 6 internal
3x 3.5" External Bays (Floppy Drive)
6x 5.25" External Bays (CD, DVD)
Dual Front Intake 2 80mm fans.
2 80mm Internal Exaust Fans

The beast layed upon its side - it is H0000000000GE

Twin 80mm Exaust Fans with 3pin Fab connectors? Ideal for DD5's ;) The only problem above the fans is the PSU support wont be able to fit a enermax in there :( dont worry we will show you how to mod it so you can easily accomadate an enermax :)

Thumb screws on all expansion cards! same as the Coolermaster jobbies - although I did see lian Li with the crossheads in the screws before CM - very useful.

The drive bays are at the bottom behind the twin 80mm intakes - this is actually a Cage that can be removed see the tumb screws? Lian Li have done their reserch and you dont have to take of the panel on the other side when removing this cage - very nifty!

Who needs HDD coolers? get plenty of HDD in this cage - I feel a Raid array coming on.

They have been sprayed - Look cheesy to me but once the case is sitting on the floor you dont notice as the feet dont stick out like some aopen cases I have seen.

Carbon Fibre trim? nah Lookalike very nice touch there is a strip[ on the top and bottom which I very much like - BTW Mercedes sport's have this trim.

WTF is that? ahah built in fan speed adjuster! - will look at this in more detail later -

The front bezel is attatched with 4 screws 1 on each corner like this.

This Badge is nice - if it was poo I would have taken it off but its very very sweeet.

LED activity indicators on a raised part of the panel.

I dont know about the raised font they used YUK shud have at least lost the serif's with a sans-serif - ohh la la CM use print which looks far better.

The front of the lian Li has punched holes instead of a mesh which give it a industrial Look - MEAN!

The back of the case for ya! First mod job would be to cut the bits of metal infront of the fans - asthma attack!

Puch clips to secure the fans - Very neat Idea - wonder where I can buy some more from? Scres damage alu and scratch the surface - these look nice and do the case no harm either - fans in out - in out -in out !

Fancy cut outs!

Here is a closer look at the speed selector - just a couple of resistors - its the little things that count.

The top is rivited in you can see the finishing on the corners aint superb.