Apple iPad 2012 - One more quality product from Apple

Apple’s new iPad 3, (third generation) colloquially known as iPad 2012 would soon not be known so because apple had announced its next generation, iPad 4. Full models comparison can be found at By this announcement, sources say that the upgrade leaves a mark of iPad 3 with Retina display and newer series of processor A6x that differs from iPad3. With stunning and amazing graphics, the high resolution tablet iPad 3 strikes the heart of millions by thriving revolution at gaming experience.

appleApple’s new iPad drastically explodes with mind wobbling performance. Looking at its design, it is something same as the previous generation and you would think that someone would be kidding on you. The larger screen size and display that resembles the previous generation physically, but this iPad gets a stunning new screen with resolution 2048x1536 pixels. This iPad is thin with thickness slightly up at 0.37 inch and weighs around 1.44 pounds. It is 9.7 inch display with 1080p HD Recording and improved screen.

As I predicted, Apple iPad 3 is the predecessor with updated Apple A5X processor and brings the Quad core graphics to the added functionality. The quadcore GPU, graphics processor provides the extra processing grunt around. The rear facing iSight camera is the lesser upgrade and its f/2.4 aperture with 5MP resolution. It is pinched from optics similar to iPhone 4S but not 8 MP. The Images are better than iPad 2 and feature such as one handed tap to focus shows the convenience. It supports HD Video Recording and front facing camera with 0.3 MP VGA quality.

The new iPad runs on iOS 6, the latest operating system for apple devices. iOS 6 provides great flexibility with the user interface and iconic home button at its bottom. Apple says that there are 200+ updated features in iOS 6 and Apple Maps has not succeeded as Google Maps. Multi-tasking drives you to unimaginable floors. Siri, the voice assistant has been included to the new iPad with different languages that would do whatever you ask to. The features such as Passbook and iCloud ensure productivity and functionality in iOS 6.

The video playback in the new iPad is pretty good, with 1080p, 30 frames per second, it is unbelievable ride on hands. The photos are better with iPhoto app that provides better image stabilization. The network support in this one includes the 4G support but in latter, iPhone 5 supports LTE which provides higher data rate than the new iPad. The advantage of new iPad is HSPA+ which has practical download speed around 6 Mbps and upload speed around 2 Mbps.

At the final note, the move that has been made by Apple is a big step to success ahead. Just after a span of seven months, the new iPad 4 had taken its part with reviewing the iPad 3 with extensible functionalities. With evolution of iPad 4, it offers all the features of iPad 3 with A6X processor and 4G LTE technology which is added value to this iPad. Stay tuned for iPad 4 and it’s a feast to Apple fans, all in a sudden.